Phase 4B & 4C 10′ Non Interference Set Back

Per the plat and County requirements there is a 10′ Non-Interference Setback on all the western lots on Lion Peak Dr.  The Woodland Park Design Review Guidelines defines the following (Section 1.05.j) regarding fences:

Rear yards may be fenced with wood per the drawing in this section.  Rear yard fencing cannot extend past the mid-point of the residence and garage.  All rear fences in Phase 4B (Block 30, Lots 6-11) and Phase 4C (Block 30, Lot 1-5 and Block 37, Lots 2-6) shall not be constructed past the 10’ Non-Interference easement.  Owner is still required to maintain this easement area if a fence is built.

For Plat map for Phase 4B.

For Plat map for Phase 4C.

For Design Review Guidelines.